02 November 2010

Checking my WISH LIST!


today i just want to checking my 2010 wish list which i posted on 18 December 2010 (Click for review):

1. Spend money! - half!
i wish i could spend my money aound 5k but until today, i just can spend half of that amount. don't give up, Zira!! chaiyok! chaiyok! :)

2. Fun vacation - family
For this year, me and my family go to Penang and Melaka (Click for review) for our holiday. So fun! except my daddy can't join us. :( Vacation with boyf/bestf did not done yet! but, i still have time for holiday this year!! :)

3. Upgrade my career!
yes! yes! yes! syukur, Alhamdulillah! i work as personal asisstant right now at one of the most popular hotel in Kuala Terengganu and the salary is more then i expected! :)

4. New gadgets.
nop! nop! nop! no new lappy, no new camera and no new hp. just carry forward this wish list to the next year!

*** 5. Photoshoot model
haha.. This is not listed in my wish list but it really happened! I really enjoyed was involved in this field. However, this is just temporary because I did not think to stay serious. With more than 10 sessions that I attended, I finally decided to stop completely after the Hari Raya recently. not! I do not regret my decision because I get satisfaction from it. (Click for review)

i still have time to complete my wish list! for next year, i will write on next entry.
thanks beb! visiting my blog
love u


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