01 Januari 2010

2010 : it's just numbers

hi everyone!
on9 too early today. it's rainy now. i feel romantic. :P
happy new year!
azam sebelum ni pun ada yang tercicir, nak tambah azam baru lagi. fuh!~ banyaknya.. tak tertanggung nanti. for this year, i want to get a great job! it's not mean that my current job is not cool, it's is cool. but, i have to search a new job for my future.

others thing: not too important. :P

List to do:
1. shopping (i need a black high heel, plz) :)
2. room clearance. fuh! penat ni~
3. hangout with friends - my best friends
4. eat chocolate.. macam dah lama tak makan. TIPU! :p
5. sms my B.. miss him so much :(

got to go...
love you guys!

before i forgot.. congratulation to my HiBARI4 :
siti fatimah a.k.a raudhah..
dah selamat bertunang pun..
26 December 2009


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