18 Oktober 2009

i CAN'T WAIT for the next weekend!

hi there!
this week, i kene prepare some 'things' for my convocation on 26 October. baju belum ambil, maybe tomorrow. :) bil konvo dah settle and clearance pun dah settle. thanks to akak ana yang temankan pergi dungun. haa.. i can't wait for my second convocation. ahah! it's my second convocation! my first is for diploma. now, it is for degree. :)

tak saba nak jumpa teman2. i'll snap more n more pictures. like it!! :) schedule for next weekend is little bit pack. i'll go to shah alam on Thursday. Friday ambil jubah and rehearsal. hangout with my bff (HiBARI4) on Saturday, i hope so. dating with wanj on Sunday and convo on Monday!!

oh! before i forgot. congratulation for my lovely sis, akak madiah. sorry ya sis, tak dapat pergi hari pertunangan tu. i've looked your picture and you look sooo beautiful.

and salam takziah for my bff, rosalinda atas pemergian ayahnya yang tercinta. al-fatihah. jangan sedih-sedih,okey! i'll always beside you..

friends, see you on convocation's day!!
take care..


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